The foundation of my work is primarily figurative paintings and drawings both realistic and expressionistic using allegory and metaphor. Through the years the projects have been 

as diverse as  Outsider Art (faux-naif or Raw Art) to traditional and commissioned art,

landscape and portraiture.

 Visitors to my studio invariably ask, “how long have you been doing art”…and the reply…

“I have been drawing ever since I can remember”. I taught myself watercolor and oil painting

as a teenager, started entering local shows and sold my first watercolors at age 14. I was 

fortunate to have my first one-man show and sale of drawings as a freshman enrolled in the University of Utah’s School of Fine Art. On completion of the program I was allowed a graduate level on-campus studio for independent work. In conjunction with traditional work I began working more stylistically radical and expressionistic influenced by the early works of Jean Dubuffet and Jose Luis Cuevas.

I have however, enjoyed a multifaceted career, combined with personal and commissioned fine art projects I have worked as a designer/art director and illustrator including digital technical art and architectural rendering.

I welcome any questions about my work….please use the Contact form. Thank you for visiting

the site.